At EDBYA  ATROGRADE, we strive to achieve excellence in creating development projects for the global agri-food industry.


We are a Mexican company founded in the state of Jalisco, interested in creating a substantive part in the food industry of Mexico, focusing our potentials to enter the international agri-food industry.


 Goal Pation in the development of Mexican fields, using the best methods and technologies available in the world.  Strategy A loose cooperation with our clients, colleagues and investors, in order to achieve the best results and quality of products, thus, contribute to the success in marketing of agricultural products, strengthening the position of the quality of Mexican products on the world market.
At EDBYA ATROGRADE we have developed areas of development, reproduction, operations, administration and commercialization that cover practically all processes in the agro-nutrient field, specializing in plant species found on the developing market and higher demand on a global scale.

The company specializes in the natural plant reproduction process with the patent, or free of the in-vitro procedure, meeting even the most demanding assumptions and requirements of our clients.


We have infrastructure capable of producing up to 3,000,000 plants annually, with the possibility of growth, depending on market requirements.


Our laboratory is located in the municipality of Queseria in the state of Colima.


This laboratory specializes in:



In-vitro Production To get the optimal genetics of the plant, we start from laboratory crossbreeding of different species varieties, choosing among them pieces of genetic codes ensuring the best adaptation of the plant, in terms of factors such as weather, fruit quality and resistance to disease.
Commercialization Of In-vitro Exploited Plants In the species to which we have a license for reproduction, we can negotiate and sell directly with the buyer, thanks to which we significantly reduce costs and delivery time. Purchase Of Genetic Material Our reproduction laboratory has agreements with universities, research and creating genetics companies protecting plant production occurring in various parts of the world, ensuring protection and observance of the law and requirements applicable to the given plant.
Genetics Development Currently, our laboratory performs research processes regarding the development of new species that meet the highest quality standards and adaptation to the climatic conditions of different regions of Mexico and consumer preferences. Technical Consultancy We have a team of specialized geneticists with extensive knowledge, who can professionally advise and share information with our clients about species that are best adapted to climatic conditions and the creation of a place of cultivation.
The company specializes in the natural plant reproduction process with the patent, or free of the in-vitro procedure, meeting even the most demanding assumptions and requirements of our clients. We have infrastructure capable of producing up to 3,000,000 plants annually, with the possibility of growth, depending on market requirements. Our laboratory is located in the municipality of Queseria in the state of Colima. This laboratory specializes in:

1.- Producers who want to convert or transfer their productive projects to investments in the high value agricultural market.



2.- Investors who want to enter the agribusiness market.



3.- Groups of investors or investment funds who want to receive profits in a highly developed industry.

Our Strategy
We have an agricultural investment fund called Feideicomiso AgroCapital Mexico, which provides us with: • Investments in the most profitable goods. • Expected return between 18% and 25%, depending on the position of the US dollar. • The use of appropriate tools to reduce the risk. • Premiums and assets in US dollars.  Why To Invest In Agrocapital Mexico? • Risk reduction: different cultivation areas / different crops / different types and dates of sowing the same crop. •Investment guarantees: each investment is supported by specific products with high domestic and international demand. • Backup: we are an interdisciplinary group that specializes in all stages of reproduction, design and development of crops, and their exploitation with world-class marketers. Projects Of Common Risk (Those Manufacturers Who Want To Enter In A High-value Market) We are looking for cooperation with investors who want to own their own farm, providing them with technical support, developing projects for them, caring for care and production and commercialization of products, guaranteeing that they will be able to invest and learn how to enter the agro-industrial world of Mexico, minimizing the risk. Investment Pillow (Investors 'Groups Or Investment Funds Which Want To Obtain High-year Income) For those investors who do not want to fully engage in the production process and commercialization of agricultural products. In this situation, this is to guarantee minimum profits, more attractive than those offered by the traditional market in Mexico.
FEDEICOMISO AgroCapital Mexico We provide an investment tool at the disposal of the capital market that allows for access to agricultural activities, through investment in the real economy. Trust will turn into the production of berries on leased fields in different regions of the country. Contributions and recovery of funds are settled in US dollars. Our financial structure allows us to execute transactions both in Mexico and in the United States, while assets are dollar-based. AGROCAPITAL (global operator) advises investors on participation in Feideicomiso AgroCapital Mexico, trust with direct targeting of investments on high value agricultural production on the global market. Foundations And Investment Strategy Demand For Agricultural Goods Is Continuing And Is Clearly Growing All Over The World. At the same time, there are structural limitations in extending the offer. Mexico has a fundamental role in this new scenario, requiring management changes and large investments. The increase in the offer can be observed mainly in the Latin American countries, the United States and European Union member states. We hope that investments in food supplies will generate attractive returns for investors. The fund will invest in the production of goods (berries) on leased fields in various regions of Mexico. Technical management is carried out through a strategic partnership with Sustenta, which will be supervised by the Global Operator. Sustenta will be associated with the Fund, not only through advice on agronomic management, but also as a partner in sowing and erection of part of working capital. In every production period, it will advertise on the local and international market, among buyers in the first line. The product will be reinvested in the new production period or made available to the investor if he wants to make a profit. In this case, the Fund will provide an annual financial payment with an interesting profit and an attractive risk / benefit profile. The volatility of commodity prices is mitigated by various heading strategies and sales in the future market, climate risk managed through regional diversification and tailored re-blankation and security. The structural vehicle provides a great opportunity for those investors who want to participate in a positive trend in the market of article suppliers agro-food industry, with solid foundations in terms of transparency and legal security for tools.
Programs Of Support Of Agricultural Roles7 As part of this program, our goal is to benefit from government programs that support this area, so that our clients can use their investments optimally, generate labor sources and contribute to the development of advanced technology production in Mexico.

Sustenta is the engine of our organization, is a company dealing with the construction and operations of agricultural fields, industrializing them for high production. In this company, we deal with searching for new production sites, analyzing their profitability, building and operating macrotunnels or greenhouses and general administration of fruit production.


Development of projects We have a group of experts in the profitability analysis and generation of productive projects for this field. These experts are responsible for guaranteeing the best alternative to cultivation, defining the type of plant, the variety that will best adapt in a given climate and to the earth's orography, taking into account the design, production logistics and providing cold stores where fruit obtained from this field will be transported. Construction We have a specialized team, machines preparing crop platforms, equipment for irrigation and injection of nutrients, construction of macrotunnels or greenhouses and planting of plants, depending on the crop (it can be in pots or in the ground).
Operation of fields Specialized field work is one that guarantees yields. Our engineers have the preparation and experience to make the care optimal: injections of nutrients, constant observation to minimize the risks associated with scourges and weather anomalies, pruning and fruit harvesting, with particular attention to optimal results. Our goal is to develop local staff that allows us to reduce the costs associated with transfer and stay, with well-paid jobs, national protection, which our laws require, minimizing turnover, which generates additional costs and puts our clients in uncertainty.

Logistics and commercialization is the most delicate link in the production chain. At EDBYA  AgroTrade (Mexican agro-industrial initiative) we guarantee the best prices of products resulting from the work of our company. We are also responsible for the development of markets and logistics services from the cold store to the final distributor in the country in which it is located.

Local market projects Although our attention is focused on high-value results in high-income countries, our market is also important. EDBYA AgroTrade deals in locating products on the local market, creating strategic alliances with large food distributors, developing value-added projects (jams, supplies for the food industry, etc.) thus ensuring that every product finds the right market, while ensuring the optimization of logistics costs and storage.

International projects


Today, the possibility of introducing a product to every market is real. The infrastructure of national transport is at the best level in the world. Speaking of land, sea and air transport, we have the required resources to deliver products to every market. At EDBYA  AgroTrade, we deal with opening new markets, using the possibility of agricultural crops at any time of the year, which is not possible in European, Asian and North America due to weather conditions, which means the crop period is much shorter and markets require constant delivery high quality products. We are responsible for the continuous examination of the requirements of our products in various markets, guaranteeing delivery logistics, which allows us to obtain the highest yields.




In this company, we focus on the development of urban endermic species, research and development of tree species for cities that can adapt to urban conditions and contribute to the reduction of pollution.

We are convinced that environmental benefits are obtained through specific actions that reduce pollution by measuring them only by monitoring, improving aesthetics, while reducing maintenance costs.